Security services
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Security services



All AVSEC trainings are conducted via EgyptAir Training Center by ECAA approved and certified trainers and based on ICAO Annex 17 – Security: Safeguarding International Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference.
• Arranging with airport authority’s suitable terminal and gates for flight
• Informing airport information desk about arrival and departure of flight
• Meeting arriving aircraft and transport passenger to terminal
• Handing over passenger manifest and general declaration to immigration
• Checking finalization of immigration for all passengers
• Sending luggage from aircraft to terminal
• Preparing PIR for lost baggage and sending it to carrier
• Following-up found baggage and deliver it to passenger
• Checking validity of tickets
• Weighing and tagging baggage according to carrier’s instructions
• Collecting flight coupons and issuing boarding passes
• Making out excess baggage tickets, collecting charges according to carrier’s instruction
• Carrying out carrier’s seat allocation or selection system as mutually agreed
• Directing passengers through checkpoints and counting them
• Directing baggage through security screens and check-in counters and delivering to aircraft