VIP, Private Services

NSAS is well aware of the high standards required by your clients, thus provides a highly trained, well experienced staff (since 1989) to service your flights. Taking into consideration the special treatment required for the private flights as we have served thousands of private and diplomatic flights.

At all Egyptian Airports NSAS provides special treatment for VIP/Private flights taking into consideration your clients safety and confidentiality.

Speedy permits issuing is ensured by NSAS, while following the aircraft as soon as it enters the Egyptian (FIR), following the flight's messages and routing it to the proper staff to ensure speedy and efficient services, preparing the VIP hall with cooperation with the airport authority.

NSAS provides top notch ramp equipment in collaboration with the ramp handling company.

Staff of NSAS provides the VIP with private immigration and custom services and the required visas upon arrival for the passenger and crew as well as private security for passenger and baggage, more over private first class transportation to the hotels as well as delivering the baggage.

The crew of the VIP/Private flight are treated especially, they are provided with competitive prices on accommodations, catering and transportation. NSAS coordinates with the VIP representative to manage the time of departure and baggage pick up. NSAS offers the crew all necessary information through 24 hrs contact lines, to inform them of any changes of departure time.

NSAS provides the aircraft with high quality catering through five star hotels according to the crew's instructions.

NSAS ensures on departure the activation of the flight plan, to prevent any delay as well as all security precautions required during the aircraft fueling (fire attendance).

  • Direct ramp access to aircraft by ground transportation
  • Beautifully designed and spacious passenger facilities
  • On-site customs and immigration clearance. Fast and convenient passenger and baggage screening (when required)
  • One hour to downtown
  • Easy booking for limousines, taxis, hotels, rental car
  • Lounges and conference rooms available with full amenities, including catering, for on-site meetings
  • Full-service cafe in the terminal for passengers and crew
  • Crew lounges with satellite TV and complimentary wireless Internet

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