Security services

Regarding the current security threats on commercial flights, N.S.A.S provides high standard security following the ICAO recommendations, through the contract with airline Security Company to secure the baggage transport to and from the aircraft as well as using the Screen Security equipments provided by the airport authorities, moreover special treatment for passenger boarding gates (BGR).

Special security measures are taken for the private flights, discussed in details in the VIP/Private section.

  • Arranging with airport authorities suitable terminal and gates for flight
  • Informing airport information desk about arrival and departure of flight
  • Meeting arriving aircraft and transport passenger to terminal
  • Handing over passenger manifest and general declaration to immigration
  • Checking finalization of immigration for all passengers
  • Sending luggage from aircraft to terminal
  • Preparing PIR for lost baggage and sending it to carrier
  • Following-up found baggage and deliver it to passenger
  • Checking validity of tickets
  • Weighing and tagging baggage according to carrier's instructions
  • Collecting flight coupons and issuing boarding passes
  • Making out excess baggage tickets, collecting charges according to carrier's instruction
  • Carrying out carrier's seat allocation or selection system as mutually agreed
  • Directing passengers through checkpoints and counting them
  • Directing baggage through security screens and check-in counters and delivering to aircraft

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